United Children's Network

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has".

-Margaret Mead

Mission Statement

UCN is committed to impacting youth in junior high school to lead productive and balanced lifestyles.

A broad range of programs, spanning from providing sessions designed to help youth to connect with each other with the aim of youth involvement in their community.

Programs Include:

Programs are aimed to educate peers on responsible living and balance, including the consequences of drinking, drug use and other risky behaviors that are harmful to youth well-being.

There are too many high school students who are behind in their academic studies and are at high risk for dropping out of school entirely. We believe that many unhealthy behaviors - teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, a lack of deference to the law - occur at least in part due to the academic challenges these students are facing. We hope that by reducing the academic difficulties of these students at an early age, we can reduce the number of teenagers later engaging in unhealthy activities.

Children Helping Children

A voluntary, non-profit agency, founded in 1989 to help needy students in public schools.

Children who are left behind in the basic academic areas of reading and math have a difficult time catching up with their classmates. With one-on-one tutoring, problem areas can be looked at and resolved before they become too large.

We Inform...
We will improve guest lectures and show films relevant to sexuality, drugs use, pregnancy, and peer pressure, followed by discussion time to deal with questions teens may have about these issues.

International Programs

"It makes us feel good to make a difference.

But more often it takes a group of like-minded individuals to remind us of the good

we can bring to our world when we work together".

-Anna Nevenic


The Mission of UCN is to bring women in the under developed countries information and services necessary for making decisions about their reproduction and health. Our approach is to strengthen the technical and financial capacity of local organizations in developing countries to provide reproductive health services and ensure reproductive rights. All of the projects we support will include components to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. The only way to fight the poverty and hunger is by empowering women to control their own bodies and the reproductive rights. Whether or not women are literate, they are more than motivated to regulate birth - for their own survival and their family's health.

A woman dies every minute due to complications from pregnancy and child birth. Women and girls are targets of atrocities such as infanticide, sex trafficking, rape and domestic violence.

We lose six million humans every year just because they are females.

There are more enslaved peple now than there were during the 1800s. About 27 million people live in slavery. Every year, about 800,000 people are trafficked internationally and approximately 80% of them are women and children.


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